About us

Ann Betz, Robert Richman and their now eleven-year-old son Noah discovered Costa Rica in February 2004, during a two-week family vacation there to celebrate Annís fortieth birthday. At the time, Robert was a successful criminal defense lawyer and Ann was the executive director of a nonprofit organization and a life coach. Like most Americans, their lives were full, too full. Family time was limited to a couple of hours in the evening and weekends. In addition, they were increasingly dismayed by the frenetic pace of life in the United States and the deafening drumbeat of consumerism.

Costa Rica, with its scenic beauty, tranquility, slower pace of life, and sense of adventure, seemed to offer an antidote to everything they were missing in the United States.

Less than a year after that vacation, Ann and Robert signed papers to purchase Buen Pais. They sold their house, two cars, and most of their belongings and moved to Costa Rica.

Robert is now working on a book about their new life in Costa Rica. Ann has continued her life coaching practice and leads leadership retreats both in Costa Rica and the U.S. For more information on Annís upcoming events, go to
Center for Above the Line Living

Ann and Robert also host an artist restoration project at Buen Pais, in which they offer their casita free of charge to artists (musicians, actors, writers, film makers, painters, etc.) for a weekís stay.
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Noah attends a small international school near the beach. In addition, the family enjoys surfing, boogey boarding, horseback riding, beach combing, and making art from found objects. They also enjoy the opportunity to share their love for Costa Rica with their guests.

They will do whatever they can to make your vacation at Buen Pais a treasured memory.